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Group Packages

10-25 participants

Unlocking Collective Potential

Discover the benefits of group coaching, fostering collaboration, shared learning, and cost-effectiveness.


Shared learning becomes the cornerstone for accelerated growth, tapping into diverse perspectives and experiences.


Student success programs encompass peer coaching, career readiness initiatives, and wellness workshops to foster a supportive environment.

Synergy Boost

26-50 participants

Group Synergy Experience

Experience the power of collective learning and collaboration in this immersive group session.


Invest in the development of your teams with leadership training, team building, and change management programs.


Support the growth of faculty and staff, and empower students with peer coaching and career readiness programs.

Unity Boost

51-100 participants

Transformative Team Development

Experience the power of collective growth with our group coaching sessions.


Empower your teams with customized coaching programs tailored to your organization’s needs.


Invest in the professional growth of your faculty and staff, and foster student success with our tailored coaching programs.

Unity Surge

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